How much are you willing to sacrifice for those who you love?

Orphaned under mysterious circumstances and raised by her grandmother, Maia thinks she’s left her tragic past behind her. Now a dreamy seventeen-year-old, Maia longs to find true love with her high school crush when she receives the appalling news that her long-dormant Cancer has returned, not just to mess with her romantic plans, but to ruin her entire life.


Vandella: Resilience

Young Bund Deutscher Mädel Peach lives with her mother in the quiet German countryside, longing to return to Berlin once the war ends and realize her dream of stardom as an Olympic hurdler for the Fatherland.

Vandella: Chronicles

Scientists say that time is relative and that the universe in which we live our ordinary lives can be as illusory as a dream. But, if it is truly a dream, can death be relative too? Experience the world of VANDELLA visually with this graphic novel and join The Man with a Thousand Names in this thrilling side story.


Join Maia in her odyssey to the hereafter, facing otherworldly obstacles to save her grandmother in VANDELLA, the heartbreaking and vividly surreal novel and start unraveling the mysteries of the VANDELLA series.


M. Ch. Landa

M. Ch. Landa is a long-time Blogger at YourLastDesire where he shares short stories, reflections about controversial subjects and slices of his life, as seen through the lenses of introspection. Those who enjoy questioning about life will find thoughtful words and inspiration in his stories. M. Ch. Landa is the author of the Young Adult fantasy series VANDELLA, and the companion graphic novel series VANDELLA’S CHRONICLES.

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