Vandella: Chronicles

VANDELLA’S CHRONICLES is a series of side stories which expand and complement the events in the VANDELLA novel series. The Man with the Thousand Names is a magical realist graphic novel intended for young audiences (T+, Teen Plus).

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Scientists say that time is relative and that the universe in which we live our ordinary lives can be as illusory as a dream. But, if it is truly a dream, can death be relative too?

After finishing his shift as cashier in the supermarket to pay the bills, old Harvey spends his nights watching over and over the VHS tapes with the recordings of his televised show to relive his long-gone moments of fame and success as a magician.
One night, Harvey receives the visit of an enigmatic being that will take Harvey through a roller-coaster of memories which will challenge all his beliefs.

Is magic the sole key for Harvey to solve the life-threatening puzzle given by The Man with a Thousand Names?



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